Knowing how to sell an apartment without real estate will save us a commission of between 3 and 5 percent (usually) for the intermediation services provided. Seen in another way, it is like selling the apartment for 3-5% more than its value, which is usually a lot of money when we talk about a flat.

This can be valued by the seller as an abuse or simply an excessive cost. Who has not ever thought ?: “For what they do, four photos and 2 expensive visits that are sold …”

A quality real estate brokerage does not simply consist of making the visit and posting five photos on the Internet: the offer is very wide and the competition too.

In this article I will explain in detail everything you need to know to sell a flat without real estate in 2018.

Steps to sell a flat without real estate

One of the first steps to sell an apartment that we will have to make will be to prepare our sale as if we were a real estate professional.

Today, thanks to social networks and real estate portals, we can offer our fantastic apartment to a wide range of people, but good prior preparation is essential.

There are three fundamental aspects that you must document and they are the following:

  • Housing information.
  • Photo report.
  • Sale price.

Housing Information

Offering detailed information on the characteristics of our home , will bring commercial benefits when offering our apartment to potential buyers.

One of those characteristics may be the square meters available to our home.

Many people offer an estimated value, but the reality is detailed in the deed of the property or in the simple note of the house , there you will find the exact value between useful meters and built meters .

Therefore, one of the first data that we must indicate will be to clarify how many meters our house has.

Knowing this data we must offer a good speech with the distribution and the situation of our property.

As a trick I can offer you a Real Estate Copy technique for your ad.

Just a moment, don’t you know what Real Estate Copywriting is? I summarize what Real Estate Copywriting is and what it can do for you.

It can be defined as a writing technique so that the public values ​​your content more than the competition. In this link they explain to you in more detail what the real estate copy technique consists of.

If you realize, most real estate ads are all very similar:

“Excellent apartment of 80m in the best area.”

“Beautiful house of 65m in the center”.

They all become a phrase that is repeated over and over again as if it were a musical rhythm.

The end result is that everyone is equal and none stands out from the others.

Get a difference from the competition and think about what makes your home unique: its location, distribution, price? Highlight that feature and stand out above your competition.

“Who wants to live in a house next to the beach, with more than 1000m of land in the province?”

“Enjoying life with your family in 85m in the most commercial area of ​​your city is possible thanks to this house . “

Shake your imagination. Don’t sell! Attract.

Another very interesting fact to indicate are the general expenses of the house, such as the community expenses and the property and real estate tax IBI

It is important to inform the buyers of the maintenance costs so that they value the monthly expenses that the acquisition of the house can suppose to them.

If the house has pending charges such as a mortgage, it will be necessary to notify the potential buyer of the amount and status of the charge.

Having at our disposal the last receipt of the mortgage in which the total amount pending is detailed, will offer clear information to the buyer to assess the possible economic items of the sale.

If we have made reforms or improvements on housing, it is a good idea to present the potential buyer with commercial arguments to influence his decision.

The status of community fees must be up to date, requesting a debt report from the president or the community administrator is a very essential action to carry out sales management.

Photo report

Nowadays, offering a good image is essential to sell.

We will have to dedicate a lot of effort to offer a high quality photographic report so that the impression offered by our home is excellent.

Before making the photo report we must clean and leave our home in perfect condition, a good image is a guarantee of sale.

To improve this image before taking photographs, it is a good idea to use Home Staging techniques.

If you want to see how Home Staging works, I present a video below that explains it in detail:

It is convenient to offer neutral, clean and clear images to reach the greatest number of interested people.

A very interesting idea is the possibility that exists today to offer images in 360 degrees , to be able to have a panoramic vision of the house as if we were visiting at the same time.

In order to perform this type of work we can hire a photographic professional who has 360º cameras and who performs a professional job. The cost should be valued as an investment, we would gain time in the selection of our customers.

And what about the video. A well-made video of our home can be the final climax for a perfectly designed advertisement.

The sum of a quality architectural photo report plus 360º visit or video will be our formula to sell a flat without real estate as professionals.

The sale price of the house

Personally I have the concept that a home has the price to be paid for it. This does not mean that the price you value is that of the current market.

In the first place it is good practice to look for the homes that are for sale in the portals or real estate in the area and compare them with ours. This comparison can offer us two values.

First, the average price of the square meter in the area, and another the approximate value of our home.

We can calculate the value of our home by multiplying by the amount of meters that are available or making a calculation in relation to sales prices.

If you want to have a professional and almost accurate valuation that will allow you to negotiate based on a real value, requesting an appraisal approved by the Bank of Spain to an official appraiser is the perfect solution.

The cost of an official appraisal is usually variable depending on the property, villa, house, apartment, but currently around € 350 plus VAT.

Forget about spending on online valuations. From my experience they usually always offer a much higher amount than the real value.

There are platforms that are using Big Data systems or scraping the Web in search of prices to calculate the exact value of your property. This is very good and possibly the future but today the appraiser’s assessment will go to mass.

A cheaper trick may be the realization of a pre-appraisal to obtain an approximate value of our sale price.

Where to sell an apartment without real estate

We are already prepared.

We have made the first steps to sell our apartment without the intermediation of a real estate. We went to see the photographs of our house in the window of the real estate on the corner.

We are independent people and we will act as a good real estate professional. Can we meet the challenge?

What will be our first sales actions?

We will notify our friends and acquaintances that we have our home in the market. We put a sign in the supermarket and, of course, a few pieces of paper for the vehicles in the area, all pure marketing eighties.

To top it off, an announcement in the Sunday press can be the step that leads us to success.

All this is very good, but you are a professional of this and as a professional you have to go to the current sales market.

Nowadays people are looking for their next home in real estate portals through their mobile. People no longer look at the ads in the supermarket, throw the papers that hang from their car and even the traditional mailbox ends in the bin.

Friend, advertising 2.0 is the queen: mobile, social networks, real estate portals and others.

But as you are a crack and have come reading here (I appreciate it), thanks to your interest I offer you the online portals where you can offer your home.

Most visited real estate portals


That we pass from the intermediation of a real estate does not mean that we ignore a real estate portal to achieve our goal.

Real estate portals have positioned themselves in the sector as large channels of customer acquisition traffic. Using that traffic to promote your home to potential buyers is our best option.

If you have done your homework well and have a perfect presentation (photos and videos) customers will have to arrive without problems.


The idealistic real estate portal can be considered as one of the main in the Spanish real estate sector.

You have the option to advertise for free through this link.

From this website you can make all the steps to advertise your home in the best conditions, photographs, 360º and videos. All these services can be hired from your advertiser profile.

But the most interesting option in this portal and that can expedite our sale and customer acquisition, is the possibility that it offers to highlight your ad in the top positions for € 39.90 / month.

This option to highlight our ad is very interesting since the list of ads can be very extensive and real estate companies occupy the first positions of promotion.