If you want to take advantage of a bank that has the basics of something that we Swedes are very proud of, Good Finance Bank is an interesting alternative. The bank is owned by the Good Finance Group, which in turn is controlled by the family.

If you look at what loans they have, it is similar to those offered by the other big banks. This means that it is possible to take private loans, mortgages and car loans from Good Finance Bank.

Consumer Lending

At Good Finance Bank, you can apply for private loans of up to USD 350,000, which is also the highest limit with the other lenders. A private loan can be at least USD 20,000. You can choose the maturity to a large extent yourself and is 3 – 12 years.

Mortgage loans

A mortgage loan can be obtained from USD 200,000 up to USD 6,000,000 and it is possible to get up to 85% as a mortgage loan where the house stands as collateral. Loan promise can easily be applied for directly through the website and an answer will be sent to you directly where you find out the size of the possible loan.

Car loan

It is usually cheaper to take a car loan than it is to take a private loan, which means that it is appropriate that Good Finance Bank offers this type of loan. The car loan can be between USD 40,000 – 350,000. The car to buy must be at least nine years old and registered in Sweden.

Conditions for borrowing

Private loans and mortgages can be taken if you are 18 years old, but if it is a car loan you intend to apply for, you must be at least 20 years old. There is a requirement for a fixed income of at least USD 125,000 per year. If you want to borrow a lot of money, the requirements for income can be higher. For mortgages, you find out the size of the possible loan when you request a loan promise.

There must be no active payment notes and if you wish to borrow more than USD 150,000 either through car loans or private loans, you will be required to have a co-applicant.

Good Finance Banker offers the following types of loans

  • Private loans up to USD 350,000.
  • Mortgage loans
  • Car loan
  • Business Services
  • savings accounts
  • Bank Cards / Credit Cards

Below you will find a link that goes directly to Good Finance Bank’s website. There you can find exact information about exactly this lender’s various services. If you want to borrow money, this is also the way to go.