A higher savings interest rate without a higher risk; it is possible. The new initiative brings international demand and supply of deposits together.

Savings interest historically low

Savings interest in the Netherlands is historically low. By depositing your savings in a deposit you can get a higher interest rate. However, the deposit rate has also fallen in recent years. Banks prefer not to have their savings at the moment because they pay high costs to store this at the European Central Bank (ECB).

Higher savings interest abroad

Elsewhere in Europe, banks are still waiting for your savings. They are willing to offer a higher savings interest when your savings are temporarily deposited with them in a deposit. Saving abroad may be a threshold. After all, you don’t go to a bank in the Czech Republic that easily and the Icesave debacle is still fresh in your memory.

New initiatives

A number of new initiatives have recently been launched to bring savers and banks together across national borders. First there was Raisin with a ‘marketplace’ for a higher savings interest. Now Good Finance has been added.

Marketplace for savings deposits

Good Finance is also an international ‘marketplace’ for savings deposits. Via the website, Dutch consumers can easily secure their savings abroad for a higher interest rate. Take a look at Good Finance’s savings offer with the best deposit rates in the Netherlands.

Terms and Conditions Good Finance

Good Finance sets the following conditions:

  • Minimum investment € 10,000 and maximum investment € 100,000.
  • Maturities from 6 months to 10 years.
  • Deposit guarantee system in the relevant country.
  • Interest paid annually (interest on interest effect)
  • No costs

Dutch website in customer service

Good Finance is already active in Germany and Austria and has now raised 300 million euros in deposits. Now the German mediator is also active in the Netherlands. Good Finance has a Dutch website and customer service.