Alternative loan providers – credit cooperatives

Creditor group are undoubtedly becoming an excellent alternative to banks and financials when it comes to financial operations, corporate credit, corporate loans, goods financing and relatively cost-effective banking services for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses. Nowadays achieving differentiated conditions and lower-cost credit options can make the difference in the flow of resources circulating in the cash of many companies.

How to maintain the financial health of a company? This response is very complex, each case is a case and the entrepreneur should look for ways to improve his expectations in the market, Credit Cooperatives can collaborate a lot for the growth and development of different types of businesses.

What are Cooperatives?

Credit unions are a kind of “organization” and / or “associations” of economically active people who group together to help each other without interests or for profit. This membership format allows all members, associates, or employees to have access to various financial resources, services, and products on better terms than those offered by financial and banking institutions.

In Brazil, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs find many opportunities, especially in the “cooperative systems” that are available in the market, many cooperatives offer credit and banking solutions with great agility and modernity in transactions, aiming to help businesses, streamline financial operations and guarantee the healthy equity of companies.

The most interesting in ” Business Credit Cooperatives ” and entrepreneurs, is the way to deal with resources and how to grant financial products and banking services. Typically, the results are shared with the associated companies; in addition, the funds raised in the communities themselves are applied to the benefit of the associates themselves, causing a rise in employment and income locally.

Services Offered

1 -) Business Credit : Access to Working Capital, Anticipation of Receivables and Automatic BNDES;
2 -) Business Financing : Serves for Machinery and Equipment, Construction Material, Furniture and Equipment and Vehicles;
3 -) Business Credit Card , Investments and sortia of Vehicles and Real Estate;
4 -) Business Services : Collection, Electronic Commerce, Check Custody, DDA Benefits – Authorized Direct Debit, Payment of Accounts, Transfer between Accounts, 2nd Ticket Way etc.

One of the main characteristics of Business Credit Cooperatives is to help their associates and cooperatives with banking products and services offering more favorable terms than the lines of credit and services offered by banks, financiers or suppliers of conventional loans.

If you are an entrepreneur, entrepreneur or small business owner, it pays to know how Credit Union products and services affect your business positively, it can be a very wise decision. It is worth remembering that credit unions are extremely important in some specific sectors of our economy.

Cooperatives in Brazil

In the Brazilian territory there are another 1,500 Credit Cooperatives, among themselves, which are the most well-known cooperative credit systems used in Credit Cooperatives, certainly one of them is willing to offer the best products, rates and banking services to those interested in joining.