How to sell a flat or real estate?

Knowing how to sell an apartment without real estate will save us a commission of between 3 and 5 percent (usually) for the intermediation services provided. Seen in another way, it is like selling the apartment for 3-5% more than its value, which is usually a lot of money when we talk about a flat.

What is a construction loan?

Apply for construction loans only through the house bank At construction, you can not apply for a loan directly. The application must always be made through a normal bank. The house bank also prepares the loan commitment for the loan at special conditions and assumes the default risk. construction alone makes the sum available. Construction’s

Credit despite running loans

Installment loan and credit line Very often, a loan should be taken despite loans in order to make up for a credit line. Once the credit facility has been set up, it is available at all times, but should not be used on a continuous basis. If it is not possible to repay the credit

Credit Cooperatives – Products, Services and Loans

Alternative loan providers – credit cooperatives Creditor group are undoubtedly becoming an excellent alternative to banks and financials when it comes to financial operations, corporate credit, corporate loans, goods financing and relatively cost-effective banking services for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses. Nowadays achieving differentiated conditions and lower-cost credit options can make the difference in

What is a building loan?

What is construction loan A construction loan is usually a purpose-built loan for financing the new construction of a property. Accordingly, the construction loan may be used exclusively for the construction of the property and for no further purpose. As collateral, a land charge in favor of the bank is generally entered in the land