The people in Germany are getting older. In this context is often spoken of a demographic change. More and more older people need to be cared for by more and more younger people. That this has a negative effect on pensions in the long term is not difficult to guess. But retirees have wishes and concerns that they want to meet in old age. Be it a new car, a vacation trip or a garden shed. But also necessary things like a washing machine or a functioning heating are often necessary. But what if the retirees can not afford enough to meet these needs? This is a real dilemma for retirees. But there are possibilities quite legal.

An installment loan for retirees as a meaningful and profitable alternative

The possibility offered by numerous credit institutions, an installment loan for pensioners, is a convenient and appealing way to fulfill desires in old age. However, they equally meet the requirement profile of a conventional loan, which means that the borrower also has to provide certain collateral. The classic security for a loan is usually the income proof. This is almost eliminated with pensioners, as they usually do not hiring and the pension is very low. In the case of an installment loan for retirees, other possessions must exist, for example, in the form of life insurance or real estate. Also a negative credit bureau entry should be missing if possible. In the following, the possible conditions for an installment loan for pensioners are discussed in more detail.

Conditions at a pensioner installment loan

The disbursement sum, ie the loan amount, is similar to conventional loans in the case of an installment loan for a retiree. This can be between 1,000 and 100,000 EUR. The term, however, varies with the considered installment loan. It has to be classified as lower, because retirees are not always sure if they will survive the loan term. The duration therefore depends on the age of the applicant. Another factor is the effective interest rate. This varies from bank to bank and amounts to about 5 percent according to the current market situation. Sometimes it is also possible to make a one-off payment at the beginning of the loan, this is, among other things, intended to minimize the monthly installments. An installment loan for pensioners is therefore a very pleasant and safe thing. Finally, you want to meet even in old age wishes. This is the case when you have worked hard for half your life.